If you have a Facebook group that’s not going anywhere or attracting much action, or if you want to start your own Facebook group and reap the rewards sooner rather than later, then this 60 day program is for you.

I’ll be focusing on giving you all my secrets and best results, my fails, and what I’ve learned from other top groups so you’ll have a HIGHLY ENGAGED, FAST GROWING, EASY TO MONETIZE FACEBOOK GROUP.

You’ll learn how to:

Build your group quickly

Fill it with the exact people you want in there

Establish yourself as a leader of influence and value

Increase your subscriber list

Make money from your Facebook group

Get on the radar of influencers that will open more doors and opportunities for you

This is going to be BRILLIANCE!

Vanessa’s focused intention for your group growth, and the camaraderie of the other participants, means you’ll be making big progress with your Facebook Group.

Payment Option

Full Payment

One-time payment
  •  Save $100
  •  Rev up your Facebook group in 60 days so you can create more leads, clients and opportunities from it

Easy Payment

4 months installment
  • Easy Payment Option
  • Rev up your Facebook group in 60 days so you can create more leads, clients and opportunities from it

What Our Course Participants Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

I am a living testimony to Vanessa Talbot’s magic powers when it comes to Facebook groups. just 3 months ago i did her magicians course and now have a thriving, rapidly growing Facebook group with tons of energy, engagement, impact and providing real value for our members. The knowledge, coaching and support  I received has awakened a new Facebook leader in me and as a result, I have been able to empower many people to move forward on their path to fulfill their destiny.

Howard Sambol

Director, Life Crafting

So much valuable information given to launch or grow your Facebook group, with live training calls including brainstorming and solutions to questions. Excellent support between group trainings as well.

Such a beautiful, magical course that by the end, I was incredibly confident that I had the right structure to launch my own Facebook group, and great strategies to grow it quickly.

Leanne Blaney

Adventure Coach, Igniting Women’s Lives Through Adventure

I was resisting starting a Facebook Group for quite sometime. I was concerned the market was saturated, people were ‘group fatigued’ and the time required to effectively manage a group, would keep me away from other aspects of my business. However, after joining Vanessa’s mastermind program, my concerns quickly faded.

Brave Beautiful Business is now a thriving, growing community of women entrepreneurs and an an integral part of my overall business vision.

Kym Mulcahy

Online Business + Marketing Mentor , Brave Beautiful Business

WEEKS ONE & TWO: FB Group Set Up

Simple right? Just create a Facebook Group and go!
Ermmmm No.
Not so simple.
In the first two weeks we’re going to look at the basics for your Facebook group. If you’re just starting, this will be time for you to get it right first time. If you’ve already started your FB group, these two weeks will have you reworking the core foundations.

We’ll be looking at …

The difference between a “Group” and a “Business Page” – The advantages and disadvantages of both, so you can create a strategy based on the best use of each one.

Setting the purpose and intention of your group –  There are many groups out there that are community groups. Or support networks. The aim is not to make money from them. My guess is though that if you’re running a coaching or change making business, your prime goal for your group is to create a tribe of rabid followers who are hungry for your leadership, and want to spend money – with you. You’ll need to be very clear on the purpose of your group, and how you want it to serve YOU.

Who is your group for? – It’s not for everyone. Let’s get that clear right from the start. A group for everyone is a Buy Swap and Sell group. This won’t be you. You’ll pinpoint your exact target market – the ideal people you want in your group. Your ideal members must align with your purpose and intention for the group, and be decided on FIRST – before you even think of a name for your group.

Create an attention grabbing name – This is one of the biggest mistakes I see made. Trying to create a name that’s “creative” or “innovative”. And this is where groups will get lost in the crowd. If no one knows what the HECK your group is about as the title is so ingeniously vague, then people won’t want to join.

You’ll create a name that is a magnet to the exact people you want in there: it’s relevant, on the mark, easy to remember, and most important of all – THEY GET IT.  They, your future tribe, know that’s the exact place for them. I’ll show you how to devise your group name. Don’t worry if you already have one – Facebook allows a group name change. Once you’ve got your ideal name, let’s take it even further. You’ll be building an entire BRAND around your FB group.

Set group guidelines and boundaries – A group without boundaries or rules, is a group out of control. As leader of the group, it’s your responsibility to control what goes on in your group. You’ll have to make some tough decisions. SO you have to NOT be concerned with pleasing everyone. Rather you will create group rules that are suitable and look after the exact type of people you want in there.  There are some rules that every group should have. I’ll share what those are so your group can be free of spam and run harmoniously.

Create a bold group description – Weak group descriptions are BANNED. I’ll show you the right information to provide in the group description and information section so that it sets your new members up with what to expect. And establishes you as an authority from the get go! Most have too much, or not enough in their group description. You’ll get it just right.

Banner Magic – The banner is the first point of contact for your potential new members. They’ll often make a decision based on the group banner alone. I’ll give you all the ingredients for a perfect banner that will ATTRACT potential members like flies. Trust me – this one really counts!

Making the most of your Welcome message – This is where our money making begins; From the moment your new members walk in the door and head to the pinned post, your Welcome Message. The biggest mistake you can make is leaving it as a generic “Welcome”. I’ll show you how to utilise your group welcome in a way that could potentially bring you thousands of leads, and generate income for you. All from one little Hello post.

WEEKS THREE & FOUR: Growing your Group

Learn the NUMBER 1 group crime that will have you banished from the life of many of your Facebook friends in a mini-second. Whether committed from desperation or sheer ignorance, people are harsh. This one sin is the WORST possible evil you can commit for growing a group. DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

Discover the secret technique I used to grow my group FAST.  This is so secret that I’ve hardly ever seen anyone else use it. It’s how I grew my group from 0 – 500 quality members in ONE WEEK.  I’ll share this method with you, and also other methods big group owners have used to get growth happening quickly for their FB groups.

How to promote your group in other groups without cheesing off the group owner.  Dangerous territory when you promote your group in another group. We’ll cover how to do it, and still keep your relationship building with other group owners in a good place.

Create consistent daily growth.  Group owners try out many different ways to get new members. Some work well, some not so much. After many and continuing conversations with other group owners, I’ll show you which ones to act on for your group, and which ones to give a miss.

SHORTCUTS for group growth  If you’re willing to invest, you can grow quickly and STILL get high quality people. (PS this is not a strategy I use, but it is one that will work).

The need to be selective –  Why NOT to let EVERYONE into your Group – even though you want the growth. It sounds like potential suicide when you’ve got people banging at your door to come on in. Have patience …. you’ll see why it makes sense. I’ll explain the signs that a member request will be a quality member …. And which ones are dead giveaways that they will not.

There’s competition out there – should you let them in? Maybe they’ll steal your clients. Your limelight. Maybe they’ll be smarter than you and give more value. Ohhh the indecision. To do or not to do …… wait for my answer on this one!

Find the BEST admins for your group.  As your group grows, it’s becomes extremely difficult to manage it all on your own. Unless you want to spend all day on Facebook.  We’ll look at how to obtain admins who will keep up your community standards, and keep your group active if you take a break for a day or three weeks.

WEEK FIVE & SIX: Engagement

Engagement on fire! In these weeks I’m going to give you every little trick I’ve learned for creating a highly engaged group. Engagement is the fire to your group. Without it, groups die. A dead group won’t boost your sales.  I’ll share with you all the engagement strategies I’ve discovered, and how you can create engagement in your group without Facebook overdosing.

How often do you need to post and interact in your group to keep it active? You’ll find out the right amount of time to spend in your community so you don’t tip into burnout.

Build the Buzz. Creative ways to incite a flurry of group activity when engagement lulls.

Annalyse big name groups and see what works. We’re out on a field trip and we’ll look at real group case studies in my own group, and other groups. We’ll break down the best engagement styles so you can replicate in your own unique style in your group.

Establish yourself as the Authority – Starting your group was part of the master plan to build yourself a big audience who see you as the God/Goddess of your market. Yet groups are places with a myriad of personalities all wrapped up into one place and it might feel you need to be nice and neutral to please everyone. No you don’t have to. You also don’t have to be the confident inspirational leader all the time either.  Let’s talk about how you can show up as HUMAN and still build expert status in your group. This is TRUE MAGICIAN quality and what really gets your community connecting with you.

How to go all psycho and have your group love you even more – Nothing gets less attention than a beige boring group owner who stays in the background. You’re going to get fired up and passionate, and use that to take a stand. Polarising yes, but it’s going to create engagement. More than you can imagine.

Really REALLY know what they want. You’ve got target market research at your fingertips. You’ll never have to launch a product to a cold audience ever again and not know if it’s going to fly. I’ll share how to use your group to find out if there is an audience for new projects or ideas.

Boot out unruly members gracefully. Don’t let the power go to your head. It can be quite an ego trip having the power to boot out, block, and reprimand group members for crossing your rules. When you manage your group from a place of ease and grace, you’ll have your group rally around you with love, encouragement, and support for your decisions. We’re aiming for that.

Connect with Influencers This is sheer magic and where I feel I shine. I’ll show you how to use your group to tantalise bigger names to come play with you.

WEEK SEVEN & EIGHT: Monetizing Your Group

It’s OK to sell to your group. Many group owners feel “pushy” if they sell to their group, concerned that if they do attempt to ‘sell’ group members will leave in droves. We are going to knock down that mindset block that is stopping you from creating an income from all the time and effort you put into building your group.   (NOTE: If your group is filled with your ideal clients, they want you to!)

Delightfully sneaky ways to monetize your group. Unusual and overlooked ways to monetize your group are everywhere. There’s prime real estate in there, and you’re missing out on it. Let’s change that!

Build your list.  If Facebook goes belly up tomorrow, you want as many of your community as you can in your private database. Tried and true, creative and daring ways you can use get leads from your Facebook group into your email data base.

Money Making posts. A peek at posts that made me money in my group, and those that made a stack in other groups for their creators.  You’ll have a clear concise formula for what works.

Choose your love potion. Heart of a toad, scale of a mermaid, you’ll concoct your own special brew (read strategy) for generating income via your FB group. Lives, webinars, group trainings. Tap into your passion and natural talents to SELL without “hard selling”.

Create Products and Programs that bring you profit and abundance from your group. This is where it all ties in together. If you’ve created a spell binding group that’s trained your group members from the very start to love what you’ve got for them, it is easy to sell out your programs, and magnetize 1:1 clients. Learn how to create services that are completely aligned with the purpose, feel, branding of your group so it all feels and comes together as a natural buying process for your community rather than “being sold to”.

Payment Option

Full Payment

One-time payment
  •  Save $100
  •  Rev up your Facebook group in 60 days so you can create more leads, clients and opportunities from it

Easy Payment

4 months installment
  • Easy Payment Option
  • Rev up your Facebook group in 60 days so you can create more leads, clients and opportunities from it

About Vanessa

Creator of the popular Facebook group Coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs: Step into the Spotlight Vanessa knows what it takes to build a large, engaged Facebook group. One that not only provides you with a pool of potential clients for your services, but one that positions you as an influencer, gets you on the radar of other influencers and opens doors for you.

As an unknown coach, Vanessa grew her Facebook Group from 0 – 500 within a week, and it quickly grew to 5,000 within 6 months. The group continues to grow and currently sits at nearly 16,000 high quality members even though Vanessa and her team only let in 25% of those who ask to join.

Known as the goddess of profile building for coaches & change makers, Vanessa will keep you on the right path to getting known …….  Really getting known.

A Facebook Group is one of the best strategies for building your audience (how large it gets is up to you!), and getting known. Vanessa will share everything she knows about building a thriving, engaged Facebook Group in this program with you: her hits, and the misses. And the secrets of her coaching peers who have large Facebook groups that provide them with leads, clients and opportunities.